Many Government Pension Fund Managers will be the same managers of the TRFs.
Below are a few examples of existing funds being managed where the same managers will be available to manage TRF accounts, designed to:
End All Taxation

Retirement Systems of Alabama


Teachers' Retirement System

Arizona State Retirement System
Correction Officer Retirement System
Elected Officials Retirement System
Public Safety Retirement System

Arkansas Teacher Retirement System
Public Employees Retirement System

Alameda County Employees' Retirement System
California Public Employees' Retirement System
California State Teachers' Retirement System
CalPERS 457 Public Agency Deferred Compensation Program

CalPERS Investments and CAFR report

Contra Costa County Employees Ret. Assoc.
Judges' Retirement System I
Judges' Retirement System II
Legislators' Retirement System
Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System
Los Angeles County Employees' Retirement Assoc.
Marin County Employees Retirement Association
Merced County Employees Ret. Association
Office of the President, University of California
Orange County Employees' Retirement System
Part-time, Seasonal or Temporary Employee (PST) Retirement Plan
Sacramento County Employees' Ret. System
San Bernardino County Employees Retirement Association
San Diego County Employees Retirement Association
San Francisco Employees' Retirement System
San Joaquin County Employees Retirement Association
San Mateo County Employees Retirement Association
Savings Plus Program
Sonoma County Employees Retirement Association
Stanislaus County Employees Retirement Association
State Peace Officers and Firefighters Defined Contribution Program
Tulare County Employees Retirement Association
Ventura County Employees Retirement Association

Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund (Canada)
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (Canada)

Colorado County Officials and Employees Retirement Association ("CCOERA")
Denver Pub. Sch. Employees Pension & Benefit Assoc
Fire & Police Pension Association of Colorado
Public Employees' Retirement Assoc. of Colorado

Connecticut Treasury
Retirement and Benefits Services Division
Teachers' Retirement Board

State of Delaware Office of Pensions

District of Columbia
Police Officers and Fire Fighters Retirement System
Retirement Board

Florida Retirement System



Public Employees' Retirement System of Idaho

Chicago Teachers' Pension Fund
General Assembly Retirement System
Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
Illinois Public Pension Fund Association ("IPPFA")
Judges Retirement System
State Employees' Retirement System
State Retirement Systems of Illinois
State Teachers' Retirement System of Illinois
State Universities Retirement System of Illinois

Indiana State Teachers' Retirement Fund
State of Indiana Public Employees' Retirement Fund

Department of Personnel
Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System

Kansas Public Employees' Retirement System

Kentucky Retirement Systems
Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System

Louisiana Employees' Retirement Systems
Louisiana State Teachers' Retirement System

Deferred Compensation Plan
Maine State Retirement News

State Retirement and PensionSystem of Maryland
Teachers and State Employees Supplemental Retirement Plans

Massachusetts Pension Reserve Investment Management Board
Public Employee Retirement Commission

Judges Retirement Services
Michigan Office of Retirement Services
Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System
Michigan Treasury/Michigan Bureau of Investments
Office of Retirement Systems
Public School Employees Retirement System
Retirement Systems of the City of Detroit
State Employees Retirement System
State Police Retirement Board

Minnesota Public Employees' Retirement Association
Minnesota State Board of Investment
Minnesota Teachers' Retirement Association

Mississippi Public Employees' Retirement System

Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System ("LAGERS")
Public School Non-Teacher Employee Retirement System
Public School Retirement System
State Employees' Retirement System ("MOSERS")

Montana Teachers' Retirement System
Public Employees' Retirement Board

Nebraska Public Employees Retirement System
University of Nebraska Basic Retirement Plan

Nevada Public Employees' Retirement System


New Hampshire
New Hampshire Retirement System

New Mexico
New Mexico Educational Retirement Board
New Mexico Public Employees' Retirement Assoc.

New York
New York City Employees Retirement System
New York City Teachers Retirement System (TRS)
New York State Teachers' Retirement System
NY State & Local Retirement System
NYC Education Retirement System

North Carolina
(NC Password blocked public access to the reports)

NC Retirement overview site

North Dakota
Deferred Compensation Plan
Defined Contribution Plan
Highway Patrol Retirement Plan
Judges Retirement Plan
National Guard Retirement Plan
Retiree Health Insurance Credit
State Investment Board
Teachers' Fund for Retirement

Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund
Public Employees Deferred Compensation Program
Public Employees' Retirement System of Ohio
School Employees' Retirement System of Ohio
State Teachers' Retirement System of Ohio

Police Pension and Retirement System
Public Employees Retirement System
State Pension Commission
Teachers Retirement System

Oregon Investment Council
Oregon Public Employees' Retirement System

Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System
Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System
Public School Employees' Retirement System of PA
Records of the Public Employee Retirement Commission
Records of the Public School Employees Retirement System
Records of the State Employees Retirement System

Rhode Island
Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island

South Carolina
South Carolina Retirement Systems

South Dakota
South Dakota Retirement System

Consolidated Retirement System

Employees' Retirement System of Texas
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Texas Municipal Retirement System

Utah Retirement System

State Teachers' Retirement System
Vermont Municipal Employees' Retirement System
Vermont State Employees' Retirement System

Virginia Retirement System

Deferred Compensation Program
Department of Retirement Systems
Employee Retirement Benefits Board
Judges' Retirement Fund
Judicial Retirement System

Teachers' Retirement System
Washington State Investment Board

Washington State Patrol Retirement System

West Virginia
West Virginia PERS

Milwaukee ERS
State of Wisconsin Investment Board



Want to End all Local Government Taxation?

TRF (Tax Retirement Funds)
Brought to you by the TRFA (Tax Retirement Fund Association)
The people should truly own government, not the other way around. A society where government works truly for the people with the people maintaining their own productivity value, and the natural wealth of the land maintained. The TRFA will consult with local governments and the population to establish the method to meet local government's operating budgets without the use of taxation.
"We the people" as the "First Line Beneficiary" and owners of the United States of America.

1. What is Taxation?      ANSWER: A revenue source.

2. What is Investment Return?       ANSWER: A revenue Source.

3. What do Enterprise operations do?     ANSWER: Generate a revenue Source.

The Big question of ending all taxation?

ANSWER: Use #2 & #3 to eliminate #1

TRF management teams can eliminate taxation one venue at a time.

* Pension management accounts are established to pay salaries and benefits at retirement from the investment return generated.

** TRF management accounts are established by local governments to pay local government (City; County; School District; State) general purpose operating costs from the investment and Enterprise return generated without the use of taxation. Taxation phased out and ended!

Ready to make it happen? If the answer is yes, then pass the WORD and let the cognitive thinking for effective application of the TRFA begin! Fiduciary trust management by local governments with the intent of ending taxation.
If you would like to be on the National E-Mail list of please CLICK HERE and select the mail list of the TRFA You will be added to the email list and receive periodical updates on the national tax retirement project.

Remember the past, so you know what is important  today for : "Our Future"


Every City, School District, County, State, one at a time, done independently by the efforts of many from all across the land.


The Clock is Ticking!











There are three types of people in this world:

1.    Those that make things happen.

2.    Those that watch things happen.

Those that say, "What happened."

The TRF is for all of the #1s out there..



"The Only Game in Town - 2011" is the only game the population should be playing; The path to ending ALL taxation!

Through the TRFA,  the full cooperation of the local venue will be sought. The TRFA will seek facilitating requirements for discovery, audit, statistical review, and prospectus preparation if requested by a local government.
Additionally from the TRFA consultation directives, it will recomend that it be a first-degree felony for any individual, group, or government body that intentionally impedes, delays, or falsifies information given to the TRFA adversely affecting the timeliness of conducting the audit for the implementation of the TRF program for application that was requested by that local government venue.

I think we all want the job done, and done well to accomplish the objectives as stated. The TRFA can do the job and do it well staying exclusively to the guidelines as stated. As more venues come on-line the actuary, auditing, and legal staff of the TRFA will grow proportionally to meet the need of the people in those venues.

 No more "business as usual" for the local government venues. We have all seen what roads that have led us down of excessive taxation. Let it be a new "We the People business as usual" whereby the people are true shareholders of our government. This will be in process through the application of the TRFA. Audits to end taxation becoming a standard for the benefit of our children, and ourselves through the TRFA consultation with our local governments.

We own this country, it is not, nor should it be owned by a select group of individuals of whom it is apparent from recent events and a showing of their own unrestrained opportunistic nature, view the people as productivity units for their own obscene financial gain by excessive taxation. This must change and change now  by "We the People".

 Audits will determin the TRFA Prospectuses for each venue. The TRFA will oversee and create the teams of qualified auditors, actuaries, and legal teams necessary to get the job done.

Ready for the dawn of a new day that is by your choice?  Let's make it happen one venue at a time until truly all are one, and one are for all as the most formidable investment power on the earth with "We the People" now as the true shareholders of the wealth maintained and generated by our own government under the TRF principle of operation to end taxation within our local governments.

Truly yours,
Walter J. Burien, Jr.
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854